Lesley Myburgh, La Gringa

Come journey with master Grandfather with the wonderful La Gringa of Cusco, Peru. La Gringa is a widely respected shaman known in the Andes as "the outsider woman". She has led ceremonies with the Grandfather for almost 25 years. The ceremony will be held held at a meadow drenched with love, one of the most beautifull Shamanic Fields (with Tipi) in Holland. This day will be a profound exploration of heart and spirit, unlike any other experience.

"Grandfather teaches us to live in balance and harmony; it teaches us compassion and understanding; and it shows us how to love, respect, and honour all things. It shows us too that we are children of light - precious and special -- and to see that light within us. Each person's experience will be unique, as we are all unique, and drinking the Grandfather is therefore a personal journey of discovery, of the self and the universe. There is one thing in common though: The day that you meet Grandfather is one you will never forget - a day filled with light and love, which can change your life forever… and always for the better".

La Gringa, originally from South Africa has lived in Peru for over 15 years. Her initial journey to Peru was in 1991, and she then started bringing South African groups to Peru four times per year, until she finally moved to Cusco in 1997.

It was on her first journey to Peru and during her numerous ceremonies that she met her teacher and Wachumero, Dr. Ruben, a highly respected native-born Cusqueñean who has been on the shamanic path since the age of nine, and served as Head of Archeology at Machu Picchu.  After moving to Cusco permanently, Ruben offered her an apprenticeship under his guidance, which lasted 2½ years and meant drinking Grandfather twice a week during that period. In the year 2000, La Gringa was given his blessing to begin performing Grandfather ceremonies on her own, and she continues to work with Ruben and the teachings.

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Although La Gringa was trained in the Andean tradition, over the years the Spirit of Wachuma has instructed her to perform her ceremonies differently, in a more simple way that Westerners could relate to more easily. Ceremonies are performed during the daylight hours, working with the “light”, which tends to give more of a feeling of unity and oneness with All-That-Is and a depth of experience that can be truly life-changing. La Gringa’s style of working with Wachuma is simple and down-to-earth, and she feels that Grandfather itself is the teacher/healer, and she just uses her many years of experience to facilitate the energies as they come through.

La Gringa travels extensively throughout the world sharing the teachings and healings of Grandfather in complete dedication – this is her life’s work.  She is well known throughout the Andes of Peru, England, Sweden, Canada and many different parts of the United States. Lesley’s teachings and practices are highlighted in Ross Heaven’s book, “The Hummingbird’s Journey to God: Perspectives on San Pedro, the Cactus of Vision”.  San Pedro translates to “St. Peter” – who holds the keys to the Gates of Heaven!

La Gringa's dedication to working with the Spirit of the Grandfather, and her willingness to listen to guidance in developing a new tradition which resonates with the energies of our world today, have earned her much respect in the Plant Medicine communities. She has been interviewed by many journalists, and also has been noted in “San Pedro and Snow White” by Simon Rali. La Gringa works with numerous well-known healers and shamans from many countries, including the afore-mentioned Ross Heaven of The Four Gates, Credo Mutwa Spiritual leader of the Zulu nation, David Wolf, the Raw Food Guru, Lee Carroll, channeler for Kryon, Rebecca Astara of Eden Retreats, to name just a few. She is known as “La Gringa: the outsider woman” and there is much information about her available on the internet.

Grandfather DAYtime Ceremonies with La Gringa

Date: Saturday 12 & sunday 13 september 2015
Arrive: Between 9 and 10 in the morning
Starting: 10 o'clock sharp
Location: Shamanic Field & Tipi
Personal Investment: € 140,- per ceremony


Food and lodging

The Tipi is available for spending the night. If you like something more private? There is also the possibility to rent a room or camp at the campsite. You will start the day without foodintake, no breakfast. During the ceremony herbal tea and a small fruitsalad is offered. After the ceremonie a light meal is being served. 

Information & Register

Reino van der Velde will suport La Gringa. Also, if you feel like joining you can register with Reino. After you have registered for the ceremony, Reino will send you more detailed information. You can also contact Reino if you have any questions concerning your participation in this ceremony: or +31(06)22939642

About Grandfather & La Gringa: